Endurance. Perseverance. Perspective. These are at the heart of every Pacific Crest Trail journey. It’s a place where people discover not only the trail, but what they have inside themselves. What’s your Wild adventure?

The PCT saved my life

I moved to California in 2005. As I was Googling “popular hikes” (searching for a weekend adventure), the Pacific Crest Trail popped up. “Obviously,” I said to myself, “this isn’t something I can do on my weekend.” I was, however, intrigued and I printed the PCT map and stuck it on my fridge to ponder. Later, after seven years and … Continue reading The PCT saved my life

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Taking the next step

I’ve often been asked how the death on the Pacific Crest Trail of my husband, “No Way Ray” Echols, has changed me. Ray and I were approximately 300 miles into a northbound PCT thru-hike when he apparently lost his footing and fell about 200 feet to his death. I was hiking about 20 feet behind him when he went around … Continue reading Taking the next step

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PCT Child’s Play

Mary Chambers, better known by her trail name “Scrambler,” never doubted she would complete the Pacific Crest Trail. “We’re going to finish!” she would declare whenever someone questioned whether she was capable of walking from Mexico to Canada in a single hiking season. And despite being only ten years old at the time and weighing less than 70 pounds, Scrambler … Continue reading PCT Child’s Play

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Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Porto

When most people think about volunteering with the PCTA, they think about re-benching tread, constructing bridges, or improving drainage. What many don’t realize is that volunteers get involved with our organization in many different capacities outside of trail maintenance. An outstanding example of this is our long standing administrative volunteer Peggy Porto. Peggy has been donating her time in the … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Porto

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Out here, on my own

By Lauren Norton I recently completed my first solo hike, an 8.5-mile round trip trek from Ebbett’s Pass to Nobel Lake on the PCT. It was the kind of adventure I thought would be a regular occurrence in my adult life, despite having only sporadic forays into the Great Outdoors as a youngster. I am now of the belief that there … Continue reading Out here, on my own

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How one veteran left his fishbowl by thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Not long ago, Kevin “Buttercup” Black, stood at the northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail after retiring from the Marine Corps. He’d walked off the war as a part of Warrior Hike, a program in which PCTA has been involved this summer. I met Kevin and his wife Kristi last week near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. Kristi and I had exchanged a few … Continue reading How one veteran left his fishbowl by thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

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