Here are the Wild movie release dates

Save the date! December 5th, 2014 is the Wild movie release date.

The date was first announced on Cheryl Strayed’s facebook page. As a part of the announcement, Cheryl also revealed that her daughter Bobbi is the actress playing the young Cheryl Strayed in the film.

UPDATE: Cheryl just posted more details about the Wild movie release date on her Facebook.
“Dear Wild Ones: thank you for being so enthusiastic about the movie and for eagerly anticipating its release. Many of you have inquired about when the movie will be shown in your city. I’m sharing here the information I have just received.” Read the rest of the post below..

Friday, December 5th:

  • LA
  • NYC
  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco/Berkeley/San Jose
  • Washington, DC
  • Toronto

Friday, December 12th:

  • Pasadena
  • Austin
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • St. Louis
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Oakland
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • Portland, OR
  • Baltimore

Friday, December 19th:

  • Indianapolis
  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Houston
  • Minneapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Memphis
  • Albany, NY
  • Hartford/New Haven
  • Cincinnati
  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Ann Arbor
  • Stamford
  • Santa Barbara
  • Las Vegas
  • Long Beach
  • Salt Lake City
  • Sacramento
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Raleigh/Durham, NC
  • Richmond, VA

See Cheryl’s original announcement on Facebook:

Fox Searchlight’s tweet:

Wild movie release date - December 5th

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